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Quality, Cost and Delivery

Quality, Cost & DeliveryIt doesn’t matter what type of organisation you work for, there are
three things that you need
to excel at if you just want to even get
an entrance ticket in today’s global competitive environment.

What are these three things? 

They are: Quality, Cost and Delivery.

They just role off the tongue don’t they.

Very easy to state, but quite a challenge to consistently deliver on

all of the time. 

Whether you work for a Private Enterprise or the Public Sector these three deliverables are a
must if you want to have satisfied “customers” who continually come back and use your services. 

What do all of these three deliver-ables have in common ?


They can be, and should  be measured in terms of time.

time is our currency graphic


If you like, in terms of “lean thinking” time is our currency. 





Quality and Time ? 

All of our processes need to work right first time.If an error occurs what happens ? We usually
have some sort of workaround or rework.This lengthens our overall processing time.

Cost and Time ? 

The longer our process takes the more it will cost. By reducing our turnaround times, by
stripping out waste, we can reduce the costs associated with providing our services.

Delivery and Time ?

We need to deliver on time, every time, in line with our customer requirements.The ability to
deliver on time is now a “given” for most customers. 

In conclusion

Having great performance on Quality,Cost and Delivery are the basic building block for any organisation. 

Do you know what your Quality,Cost and Delivery performance even looks like ? 

Many organisations don’t. 

What steps are you taking to improve your QCD performance ? 

Adopting the Lean methodology could help you,if you haven’t started already. 

Hope this helps 

Graham Ross